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 Have questions about diabetes? Ask them here and get answers. Whether you are living with it or not, diabetes raises plenty of questions. We are here to help.  Answers to your diabetes questions are provided via email or a video response. 

Dip a Stick For Diabetes
Dip a Stick For Diabetes

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Before blood glucose meters, people with diabetes used urine dipsticks to measure glucose. Today this is a painless and accurate way for people without diabetes to see if they could have high sugar. Shop Amazon to get your glucose urine dipsticks.

Diabetes Life Coaching


Dip a Stick For Diabetes

Balancing diabetes and the rest of life is a skill that must be practiced. A diabetes life coach can help you master the skill. This is not medical advice. Only your healthcare provider can oversee medical decisions. A diabetes life coach helps you live your best life with diabetes. All sessions are held over the phone or video call.

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Dip a Stick For Diabetes