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Diabetes Questions?

Have questions about diabetes? Ask them here and get answers - no judgment. Whether you are living with it or not, diabetes can raise plenty of questions. We are here to help. Submit your questions here.  Answers to your diabetes questions are provided via email or a video response.

Dip a Stick For Diabetes

Diabetes Life Coaching

For people living with diabetes, we offer the Gift Of Diabetes life coaching. Your healthcare provider gives medical advice. Diabetes life coaching fortifies your well-being with diabetes. It's like having a coach to improve your diabetes skills. Donate for the gift of a diabetes life coaching session.

Dip a Stick For Diabetes

Get Dipsticks from Amazon

For people unsure of their diabetes status, Amazon has dipsticks to help you measure if you have glucose in your urine. Glucose in urine may be a sign of high blood sugar. Shop Amazon to get a painless and easy way to see if you could have high sugar. 

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Dip a Stick For Diabetes
Dip a Stick For Diabetes

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